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DCME is a specialized environmental remediation and construction project management firm founded by Richard (Dick)Crowell in 1998. The firm specializes in heavy metals, solvents and PCB treatment and or disposal. The firm is comprised of individuals who formerly were part of GNB Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI), which was based out of Atlanta, GA., with a Northern Region group based here in the twin cities. Under his direction, Mr. Crowell grew the Northern Region sales from $ 1.2 million in FY 1994 to over $ 8.0 million in FY 1997.

Our highly trained and experienced associates offer a broad background of both educational and professional work experiences to meet your particular needs. DCME was founded on the following principles:


Dedication- To you the client to listen to your needs, clarify salient points, provide a solution that meets your needs, and deliver the end product to you in a safe and timely fashion.


Cost effective - To find the most efficient yet cost effective approach to complete the project on time and in compliance with all appropriate regulations your unique site situation may require.


Management- We will provide each project with a skilled professional who is knowledgeable in every aspect of the job. We will manage the project in a competent and professional manner and communicate effectively with you the client.


Expertise- Our highly skilled managers will provide you with a proven track record of job performances in a similar situation to meet your particular requirements.